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Musical Theatre School - Singing, Dancing & Acting

​Musical Theatre School - Singing, Dancing & Acting


Musical Theatre combines Singing, Acting and Dance of many different styles in FUN & ENGAGING CLASSES. Students can start from the age of 4 years and are taught in small groups depending on age / ability and train in all aspects of the performing arts all in one morning.  Musical Theatre is so versatile that students will always have inspiration, from watching ‘X Factor’ or going to see a show in the West-end.  

Whether or not students want to take performing up as a career, they learn very important LIFE SKILLS to take with them.


         PROFESSIONAL & QUALIFIED TEACHERS to give quality training and teach the correct techniques for keeping                                                                        healthy  voices and bodies.  The children will gain much more out of

                                                                  the classes and develop into all-round performers. 


         EVENTS throughout the year plus PRODUCTIONS / SHOWS     



         TRINITY COLLEGE EXAMINATIONS equivalent to Academic exams and are recognized as such.  



         LONDON TALENT AGENCY for students showing outstanding ability  

         GCSE/ALEVEL DANCE & DRAMA SUPPORT  as Qualified Teachers students gain knowledge to help support

                                                                       their academic learning

Because we have Qualified and Experienced teachers that are trained to deliver skills in the correct way, we can incorporate new exciting skills to our class, like:






 We are also able to nurture each childs ability to support them in gaining:

● Confidence   ● Health/Fitness  ● Team Spirit & Achieving Common Goals  ● Understanding Safe Techniques

Cognative/Physical skills ● Creativity/Imagination ● Co-ordination & Anatomical knowledge  ● Responsibility 

● Dedication/Self Discipline  ● Solve Problems/Challenges  ● Communication Skills  ● Goals & Asprirations

● Individuality/Expression/Opinion  ● Conveyance of Emotions through Performance  ● Learn from others  

● Encouragement/Empathy   ● Rhythm/Timing/Musical Appreciation  ● Learning from Others  ● New skills 



                   9:45 - 12:15


       96 Shenley Road (Library),   

        Borehamwood, WD6 1EB


The best way to enrol is by emailing us, this way we can send you all the information back! 

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'Being a student at this school gave me the confidence and skills needed to begin my pursuit of an acting career. The teachers are, without exception, professionals, who make training- whether for a career in the arts or just for fun, an enjoyable and rewarding experience'         - Karla Crome

Coming to Hertsmere Academy was the highlight of my week, with the help from the teachers I was able to come out of my shell, and found my love of performing, and making others laugh with techniques that I still use everyday. Classes are real good fun, while remaining at a professional level of learning. Some of the experiences I had here I will never forget, from taking part in shows, exams, events, parades, but particularly the boundless support from the teachers - Olivia Bennett

Hertsmere Academy of Dance and Performing Arts has played a huge part of my life. I first started classes with them at the age of 9 years old, where I joined the Saturday theatre school. I was extremely shy and had only really sung or danced in my bedroom, however, within two months, I was performing in my first show and I was completely hooked from there.

I would take part in any opportunity they offered from summer workshops to drama exams and eventually started weekday dance classes to improve as a more technical dancer. I was fortunate enough to train in every style Hertsmere Academy offered, and took many exams in the various styles with both the RAD and the ISTD. These were never compulsory but were amazing to do, not only dance wise, but it really creates a focus having to memorize a syllabus and perform it to your best ability. The higher grades even help go towards UCAS points when applying for universities alongside you’re A-Levels.

I didn’t know anyone when I started classes with Hertsmere Academy however, it’s amazing how quickly you make friends, especially as you have so much in common. These are people I never would have met without our shared love of performing as we attended different schools in different boroughs, but these ended up being some of my best friends and has given us memories that will last forever.

We would often perform our own productions with Hertsmere Academy, however, we would also participate in a range of local events such as families day and the Borehamwood Parade, we were always working towards something to be able to show how we had improved. It really is a school for everyone, whether you want to take classes as this is something you would like to do in the future, or whether you just want to take classes for a bit of fun, it really does cater to everyone.

Hertsmere Academy has played such a huge role in my life, since starting with them at 9 years old to taking adult classes it has been a real constant and something that has brought me so much joy and happiness.

It really is true what they say dance teachers are so much more than dance teachers, they are someone you trust, someone you look up to, someone you aspire to be like. They listen, they help (not just correcting your turnout) but with all aspects in life. It really is crucial you find the right performing arts school for you, one that is fully qualified (as not all are) so you can really build that bond over years to come, and that is what I found in Hertsmere Academy and is why I will always recommend them, you really won’t find anywhere better.   - Jamie Bembridge

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