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Modern / Contemporary / Jazz / Commercial Street / Funky Feet

Modern / Contemporary / Jazz / Commercial Street / Funky Feet

There are many forms of 'up-beat' dance and depending on the age and ability of our Students, they will learn most of them. In all classes, students are taught the importance of Body Conditioning by being made aware of the importance of warm up/cool down, strengthening and limbering exercises, essential for safety and self-improvement. 

Jazz, Contemporary and Modern classes can help assist training for GCSE/A LEVEL!

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                       What is Funky Feet ? (Age 3-5) 

This is an introduction for young Boys & Girls to enjoy a combination of new up-beat rhythms, body moves and music to co-exist with ballet. It is a fun and energetic class for those not wishing to do ballet but still wanting to learn basic dance moves. This exciting class builds up the child's awareness and confidence of many things including rhythm and co-ordination which will go on to help with styles such as Jazz, Modern, Hip-hop which they can study later. 



      What is Modern / Contemporary & Jazz ?  (Age 5+)

Modern - Modern Theatre dance is a rhythmic dance style which originated in America before travelling to the rest of the world. It is often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. The style uses travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns which all need strength and flexibility. Boys are expected to also show great physical strength. This is a highly energetic dance style. The ISTD Modern Theatre is a syllabi from Primary to Advanced, designed for girls and boys and helps trains many forms of dance like Contemporary Dance, Lyrical Jazz and stage work. Modern also improves musical appreciation, artistry and style, performance and choreography. Often students taking both Modern and Ballet become overall strong and versatile performers and it is advised for any age wishing to take dance as a career to maintain this training. Pupils can be examined from the age of 5. 


Contemporary - Developed in the mid twentieth century, contemporary has grown to become one of the most dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world. Contemporary does NOT excist until students are at full time training with advanced levels in Ballet and Modern. However, the type of contemporary that is taught to teenagers explores and develops the 'Ideas and Creativity' around the concept.  GCSE dance also has the same idea although they are heavy on paperwork and less practicle.  We mix the ballet and modern styles and help students add expression and improvisation skills to their experience. 


Jazz Awards (Bronze/Silver/Gold) - ISTD Jazz awards are especially beneficial for teenagers and are an enjoyable discipline for improving both body shape and self-confidence. A good technique is required and those who have studied modern will find an easy transition into Jazz. Pupils from the age of 9 can be examined for the ISTD Jazz Awards. For Gold, a high level of Modern is required before this exam.

                        (Please view Examinations for more details)


                    What Is Commercial Street?

Is a free style, working on the funkier styles or the latest trend. The class will start to introduce a basic Jazz technique so that good co-ordination is understood and students progress.  There are many different styles of dance that can be worked into the commercial category. Commercial is a strong style with elements of Jazz & Street. A lot of Dancers on Music Videos are classified as Commercial dancers. Routines will be danced to the latest pop, r'n'b and chart music. Street dance also has many styles within it genre including 'Poppin & locking', 'Crumping', 'B-boying', 'Hip-hop' to name a few. 


'I spent (almost) sixteen years attending Hertsmere Academy of Performing Arts, and I loved it. I began by learning ballet and later on started jazz and street dance, all were taught to the same high standard. I always felt supported and encouraged by Chahna and the school, we were definitely pushed to the best of our abilities but classes were still fun. I felt well prepared for exams and consistently got a good mark, along with the rest of the class. I have many fond memories of the shows I performed in with the friends I made, definitely one of the best parts was performing to so many people, it is such a good experience for growing confidence. (I also loved wearing the costumes!) The choreography was very creative, each dance was a challenge but that made the accomplishment of learning them even greater. I had a really great time here throughout my entire childhood, and it sparked a love for dancing that will stay with me for life. ' 

 - Zanna

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