Discounts     (Up-dated for Jan 19)

        Does your child show promise or want to learn more types of dancing...

but you just can’t afford it? Problem solved!


Raising The Standards....


Dance & Performing Arts are so beneficial and there is conclusive evidence that the more students study the more advanced they become, meaning:

● Better Exam Marks  ● Progress through exams quicker   ● Learn & Develop skills faster   

● Adapt to new styles quicker     Enhanced Knowledge & Technique     Better physical/mental fitness     Enhanced life skills for their age      Healthy Competition   Commitment/Discipline 

 It is also essential if this is their career choice. This is why Hertsmere Academy is encouraging children from an early age to benefit from the best basic grounding that they can get.

    Dancers Scheme (age 3 +)

Ballet is the basis to all other dance forms:

Pay full price for any Ballet class with us and pay a discount on subsequent classes like... Ballet (2nd class), Modern, Street or Tap. The Discount is taken off each individual class for that term.

                    2nd Class - 10% off 

                    3rd Class -  15% off

                    4th Class -  20% off 


For 5 or more classes, please see our ALL INCLUSIVE discounts.

     Theatre School Programme                          (age 4-8) 

(Saturday School / Musical Theatre students ONLY) 


Pay full price for Saturday Theatre School with us and get up to 30% off subsequent classes.  Extra classes could be Ballet, Modern, Jazz/Street or Tap...



                    2nd Class - 20% off

                    3rd Class -  25% off

                    4th Class -  30% off


               ALL INCLUSIVE 

   For the performer in training!

For those wishing to take Performing or Dancing as a career, they need to train in as many disciplines/styles as possible.  For those wanting 5 or 6 lessons per week, you can get an:

  AMAZING SAVING of £176 - £218 per term

Hertsmere Academy Advanced Club  

For just £300 per term, you can attend 4 dance lessons per week in any discipline (not including Saturday Musical Theatre school). 


For just £350 per term, you can attend 4 classes in any discipline including Musical Theatre school.

Senior Professional Course 

For £395 per term you can attend 5 lessons per week in any discipline.

(*All classes must be attended to receive the discount and for it to continue to be valid or full payment is required)



Build up a discount on your next terms fees by recommending us to friends....


For every completely new family you recommend to, whom pays a full termly fee for their child/ren to attend, you could earn £10 OFF your next term.

So, the more you get to join, the bigger the discount! 


You can start building your discounts once you have been a member for at least 6 weeks but BOTH PARTIES must mention upon signing up the recommendation and name the person on the emergency detail list.

The Discount can only be awarded and claimed by one person who is a fully paid member of the school, whom is named on the form.  A new member is someone who has never attended the school.  Once per family (maximum £10 even if sisters attend). 

Terms & Conditions:

Discount schemes only apply to child classes. Adults can have separate discounts as seen on the adult page.


The school only supplies Discount schemes as a good will gesture to encourage students to progress. They are not to be abused in any way, as essentially they are causing a loss for the school and therefore the school has the right to remove them at anytime without any prior notice. 


You can only join/begin a discount scheme BEFORE or on the FIRST DAY of a NEW term & fees MUST be paid in advance like normal.


Discount schemes are only issued for a FULL TERM, that are also PAID IN ADVANCE (10 weeks or over)

If termly payment is not made by the deadline or beginning of term, all discounts are void as they are only given as a goodwill to those paying within our terms.

Schemes cannot be stopped and started as an when to benefit yourselves.  A commitment is made at the beginning of term which scheme you are on and changes cannot be made. 

½ term payments may be accepted for large amounts (those attending many classes over the amount of £250) but the FULL amount MUST still be paid by the deadline, even if you leave before the end of term.


ONE SCHEME PER STUDENT ONLY & they cannot be shared or mixed in any way.


There are some cases when a certain scheme cannot be used. You will be notified if this is the case.


Extra classes or Exam tuition classes CANNOT be used as a scheme (this includes the 2nd - 5th or Free class) they must be paid as requested. Especially where additional time has been added to the timetable and extra overheads need to be covered. 


There are NO REFUNDS on the schemes. The schemes which give you additional classes for a discount are subject to the amount of classes the school can provide for that term.  If a class is cancelled for instance, no refund is available.

The only time a refund would be considered is if many classes have to been cancelled within a term (with no alternatives given) and the amount of cancelled classes exceeds the discounted amount and the payee is making a loss... ie.. paying more than the normal rate.  


The school must be notified 6 weeks in advance, in writing, if you are leaving any schemes. NO REFUNDS can be made should you decide to leave before the end of the term.

Discounts hold no monetary value.

Discounts/Credits must be used by the deadline or they are lost and cannot be claimed. It is the responsibility of the person awarded the Discount/Credit to use it by the time of the expiry. 


Refusals/changes can be made by the school at any time. All requirements must be adhered to for us to validate you with a scheme.