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 Hertsmere Academy of Dance and Performing Arts is personally affiliated with a well established and accredited talent agency based in the heart of Londons West End and also Local agencies such as Daisy & Dukes.  


The London Agency is successful and well respected agency represent clients from children to professional artists in all areas and fields of the entertainment industry, including Television, Film, Theatre Drama, Musical Theatre, Commercials, Music and Endorsements.

The agency offers a personal management style of representation. By limiting their intake they ensure that they select only passionate and dedicated performers and in return they can focus on each individual artist to ensure commitment to their career.

Unlike many agencies, payment is not required to join the agency but you will need to set yourself up professionally to work, so for instance, the obvious professional photographs are a must. You will be guided step by step by Hertsmere Academy and the agency, to help you get set up.

Different types of work require different skills, so students that want to be represented by the agency, should attend both the Saturday Theatre school plus weekday dance classes with Hertsmere Academy of Dance and Performing Arts ONLY and work must be of a high standard to comply with the expectations of the agency and job descriptions.


As you will be representing both Hertsmere Academy and the Talent agency who have very important clientele, to succeed in auditions, students need to be confident, must have performance experience, show strong technique, focus and passion and of course talent. Parents also must be willing to take their child to auditions at very short notice, so dedication and availability is extremely important. 


If you would like your child to be considered for representation by the agency, please speak to Chahna.

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