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AUGUST 2021 - Summer Workshop 2021!  

JULY 2021 - Miss Donna & Miss Chahna support 'Show Must Go On' 

JUNE 2021 - 40 Students take their Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams

OCTOBER 2019 - Production 'Legend of the Lost Library' 
NOVEMBER 2019 - Master Class with Pierre 
SEPTEMBER 2019 -  Moved to the new ARK THEATRE for Saturday Classes
AUGUST 2019 - 30 RAD Ballet Exams with students gaining High Merits and Distinctions
JULY 2019 - Demonstration in TESCO for a Dance-a-thon to raise money for 3 different charities

JULY 2019 - Families Day,  Fundraiser for scholarships
JUNE 2019 - Abigail awarded 2nd place in Borehamwoods Got Talent
JUNE 2019 - Parade 'Celebration of Colour' 2nd place

JUNE 2019 - ISTD Grade 4 Tap exams passed with Merit & Distinctions
JUNE 2019 - Scholarships awarded to Amerthyst and Jamie
JANUARY 2019 - ISTD Modern/Tap/Jazz Exams passed with Merits and Distinctions
The Legend of the lost Library01 Final.j
Borehamwood Parade Spanish Girl
Families Day 2019 Face Paints & Make-up
Adult Musical Theatre Dance at Christmas
families day stall 2019 raising money for scholarships
fundraising for Tesco Dance Beats, Dance-a-thon
Ballet Exam Results with RAD
Supporting fundraising for Show must go on
Summer Workshop 2021

November 2018 - Students take ISTD modern/tap exams


August 2018 - Students outing to see 'Chicago'

July 2018 - Students perform at Families Day

June 2018 - First Place at Borehamwood Parade. Theme 'Trains - Starlight Express'  


June 2018 - 62 students take RAD Ballet Exams being awarded High Merits & Distinctions

March 2018 - Students outing to see '42nd Street'

March 2018 - Students visit 'Move It' Dance Exhibition

March 2018 - 9 students take Grade 3/4 Exams at ISTD HQ and gain 2 High Merits & 7 Distinctions

January 2018 - Launch of the Hertsmere Academy Scholarships


January 2018 - Rotary Charity Show 

Production & Show Jewel Thief the Musical
PARADE 2016.jpg

October 2017 - 'Jewel Thief' the Musical performed at The Sandpit Theatre 

July 2017 - Performance at Families Day

June 2017 - Winners of 1st place in Borehamwood Parade. Theme Speilburg & Lucas films. 

Miss Chahna celebrates 15 years of Teaching & Principal
Award Winners of Borehamwood Parade 2016

August 2016 - Students are invited to watch 'Little Big Shots' in Special Seats at the BBC studios


July 2016 - Fundraiser & Party to raise money for Scholarships & to celebrate Miss Chahna teaching at Hertsmere Academy for 15 years. 


July 2016 - 41 students take ISTD Modern/Tap/Jazz exams and gain Majority Distinctions and High Merits.


July 2016 - Performed at Families Day 


June 2016 - Win 1st Place at the Borehamwood Parade 2016. Theme: Royal Variety

March 2016 - RAD Ballet Exams - ALL Merits & Distinctions

Phantom of the Opera Workshop
Phantom of the Opera Masterclass

August 2016 - Miss Charlotte, Lead in Phantom of the Opera (West End) gives our Saturday Theatre students a Workshop

December 2016 - Christmas Performance at 96

November 2016 - 50 Musical Theatre Students take Trinity London Exams in Musical Theatre/Performing Arts and ALL awarded Distinctions 

February 2017 - Performance @ Charity Tea Party

Xmas Showcase & Tap Dance
Parade 2018 Starlight Express
Celebrate 15 years of Teaching
Celebrate with the Mayor of Elstree & Borehamwood
Borehamwood Parade winners 2015

May 2015 - Saturday Theatre student devise & produce their own Panto production by themselves to perform for an audience. Choreograph their own routines, design costumes and make up. set design and front of house.  


May 2015 - Ballet Cymru Company perform 'Cinderella' and give a Unique Workshop to Hertsmere Academy students

December 2014 -  Written in The Stars 'The Musical' by Inspiringhers Productions


June 2014 - Pre-Primary to Grade 1 students take RAD Ballet Examinations and all are awarded DISTINCTION & MERIT


June 2014 - Hertsmere Academy perform at Families Day


June 2014 - Hertsmere Academy win 1st PLACE in the Disney Parade. 

Written in the stars program.jpg

June 2015 - Hertsmere Academy perform at Families Day


June 2015 - Hertsmere Academy win 1st PLACE in the walking entry of the Elstree & Borehamwood Parade. Theme: Wizard of Oz & Shrek

November 2015 - RAD Ballet Exams, with ALL Merits & Distinctions

October 2015 - Christmas Concert @ Ark Theatre for Charity

December 2015 - Gala Recital @ Ark Theatre

Showcase & Gala 2015
Gala & Showcase

December 2015 - Miss Chahna Celebrates 15 years of Teaching at Hertsmere Academy of Dance & Performing Arts.


May 2014 - Students go to see the CYMRU Ballet company perform Beauty & The Beast and meet the Principal cast (Ark Theatre)


May 2014 - 40 students take ISTD Modern/Tap/Jazz Examinations and all awarded MERIT & DISTINCTION


April 2014 - 55 students who attend Saturday Theatre school take Trinity college Examinations in Musical Theatre and all awarded DISTINCTION


Trinity College Exams, RAD exams, ISTD exams
Trinity College Exams, RAD exams, ISTD exams with HADAPA
Dancing with Cymru Ballet Company

January 2014 - Saturday Theatre students move to the Ark Theatre for Classes


December 2013 - Hertsmere Academy perform in the Rotary Charity concert at The Ark Theatre. 


June 2013 - Hertsmere Academy performs in the arena at Families Day (Borehamwood Town Festival)


June 2013 - FREE Adult dance classes are offered for the Borehamwood Town Festival week. 


June 2013 - Hertsmere Academy Theatre school students sings with the Borehamwood Brass Band in a     

                    musical concert.  

June 2013 - Hertsmere Academy come 2nd Place in the Borehamwood Parade. Theme Film & TV 


May 2013 - Inspiringherts Productions Perform Cinderella Kids Musical at the Ark Theatre.


Cinderella Junior Production
Watford Festival Award Winners

March 2013 - Hertsmere Academy Theatre school students come 2nd Place in the Watford Music Festival.

Catagory: Musical Theatre chorus.


January 2013 - All 52 Hertsmere Academy students that took their Royal Academy of Dance Ballet exams passed with Merit & Distinction.

Christmas Choir for Borehamwood Light Switch on

December 2012 - Hertsmere Theatre school children will be performing for the Borehamwood Christmas Light Switch on.

July 2012 - Miss Chahna performed in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics

July 2012 - Students from Hertsmere Academy perform at Families Day in Borehamwood (along with the Mayor of Borehamwood)

July 2012 - Students of Hertsmere Academy take their ISTD Tap, Jazz & Modern Exams with 98% gaining Distinction and 2% gaining high Merit.

Trinity College Exams, RAD exams, ISTD exams
Trinity College Exams, RAD exams, ISTD exams Senior Student Results
Mayor joins in at Families Day Borehamwood Meadow Park

June 2012 - Singers from Hertsmere Academy performed with the Borehamwood Brass band for the Queens Diamond Jubilee concert

June 2012 - Hertsmere Academy hosts a 2 free Adult classes for the Borehamwood festival - Strictly Latino & Westend Musical class


Borehamwood Parade Olympics
Borehamwood Parade Olympics Award Winners

June 2012 - Hertsmere Academy win 1st place in the Borehamwood Parade as a walking entry. Themed the Olympics and countries of the world.

Alice In Wonderland Junior Production

June 2012 - Inspiringherts Production company perform Alice in Wonderland the Junior Musical at The Ark Theatre.

January 2012 - Hertsmere Academy launches its very own "Inspiringherts Production" company

October 2011 - Over 60 Hertsmere Academy students performed in 'The Road to Hollywood' show at The Ark theatre, raising £4,000 for Mencap. Whereby students successfully auditioned for the main character parts, gaining 3 out of the 5.

Shows & Productions
Shows & Productions

September 2011 - Miss Chahna will appear in the 9/11 twin tower documentary re-make 'Colliding Lives' aired on the Discovery Channel. 


July 2011 - Hertsmere Academy students performed at the 'Party in the Park' event in front of hundreds of visitors.

Shows, Productions & Events
Event at Families Day Borehamwood

July 2011 - Hertsmere Academy & teachers performed at the Bastille ball celebrations.

July 2011 - Hertsmere Academy performed for Families Day at Meadow park & the Hertsmere Academy singers performed in the festival concert.

June 2011 - Hertsmere Academy took part in the Borehamwood Parade

May 2011 - 100% pass rate with the Trinity Guildhall University exams in Musical Theatre.

Trinity College Exams, RAD exams, ISTD exams

November 2010 - 100% Pass rate with Royal Academy of Dance examinations

October 2010 - Adult tap dancers performed for BBC1 programme 'Little Howards Big Question'

Shows, Productions, Events, Galas

August 2010 - Hertsmere Academy performed in Dance Unified 2010 at Wyllyotts Theatre

Shows, Productions, Events, Galas
Shows, Productions, Events, Galas

July 2010 - Hertsmere Academy performed for Families Day 

July 2010 - Saturday Theatre school students sang for a Centenery Concert in Borehamwood

June 2010 -  Hertsmere Academy performed for the Opening Celebrity Gala of the Ark Theatre

Shows, Productions, Events, Galas

June 2010 - Hertsmere Academy took part in Elstree & Borehamwood Parade and achieved 1st Place

December 2009 - Hertsmere Academy show "Aound the World"

Shows, Productions, Events, Galas
Shows, Productions, Events, Galas

June 2009 - Students took both Graded and Vocational ISTD Modern, Tap and Jazz exams, with a 100% Pass rate.

Shows, Productions, Events, Galas

5 July 2008 - Families Day

Award Winners at Borehamood Parade

21 June 2008 - Borehamwood Parade

July 2008 - 100% PASS RATE in Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams. ​Over 40 students in the school took a Ballet exam and all have passed with excellent marks.

Award Winners at Borehamwood Parade

Parade 2007 - Hertsmere Academy win 1st Place (Copacabana)

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