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Frequently Asked Questions

1) When can training start?

2) I have a boy interested, what can he do?

3) What does it take to become a singer, dancer or actor?




When can Training Start?


We welcome students to start at any age and will try to accommodate.
We start teaching children at the age of 3, when we introduce Ballet and 'Funky Feet' where both styles are unisex. Both are creative dance disciplines that teach the most important skills for a child of this age. As a child’s development does not fully begin to progress rapidly until 4/5years there is no need to introduce too many dance styles all at once, as it will more than likely destroy there enthusiasm than create it or can even cause them damage. This is why from the age of 4 we begin to introduce other dance styles that need adequate levels of discipline and concentration along with technical understanding and basic co-ordination, like tap, singing, jazz etc.. 


I have a Boy that is interested, What can he do?


Until the 'stigma' towards boys doing dance diminishes, teachers will only get a handful of boys in their school. Which really is a shame because dancing and Performing has so many wonderful benefits for any child of any age. For boys, It can help their football/rugby skills for example and makes them strong & physically fit, with which they can take that confidence into the wide world.
Things are getting better and with the help of reality TV shows etc, we are seeing more boys attending classes. Our Street Jazz, Funky Feet, Tap and Saturday ‘Theatre School’ classes seem very popular with the boys. For very young children Ballet is made unisex, so they enjoy the fun & Imagery and our new Funky Feet class explores many up-beat dance styles and rhythms.


What does it take to be a Dancer, Singer or Actor?

It is easier for students who begin training from an early age to become successful in this business and it is highly advised but it is not a rule. The earlier students start training the more accomplished in all the different genres, they will become. If children have a passion or flare for dancing and performing, they should be encouraged to study as many different genres as possible. Then their strengths in particular areas can be identified and pushed.
This career required dedication, hard work and a lot of self discipline. Professional colleges and stage schools expect an Intermediate level of drama, acting and dance, mainly in Ballet, Modern/Jazz and Tap. Strength, Flexibility and good technique in all disciplines are a must!
The more that you are trained in all areas, the more chance you have in impressing at an audition for instance and this is just as important, even if you only wish to further your career in just one discipline. Showing competency in as many areas as possible will get you picked above the rest.
Even for children wishing to study for enjoyment, the more they study the better skilled they will become. Which can go towards helping them in their future. All disciplines give different positive physical and mental strengths. Whether the discipline corrects posture, makes their co-ordination or rhythm better, makes their memory quicker or even if it keeps them fit etc.. all put together makes a versatile dancer, performer and person. 




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